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Frequently Asked Questions

The carwash is advertised as being open 24 hours.
Does this mean someone is on premise 24 hours?

No. There is someone at the carwash for several hours throughout the day to check the facility and equipment. However, if you call, we will get back to you as soon as possible, and since we are local, we can usually meet you there at your convenience. **We do have 24 hour video surveillance/monitoring**

Why does my debit card statement show a $25 charge?
It is clearly marked to hit the STOP button by the card readers. Banks that issue debit cards place a "hold" on the maximum dollar amount until the charge clears from them. If you did hit stop and seen the actual dollar amount used, it will adjust itself when the bank clears the "pending" charge. If it still is showing a wrong amount after pending, please call us.

What is Spot Free Rinse?
This is the last rinse on your vehicle, both in the automatic wash and self serve bay, is comprised of RO water (Reverse Osmosis). RO water has zero TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). We make our own RO water on site by removing all the minerals and chlorine, then processing the water through special filters to ensure the final rinse is crystal clear so as the water dries it will leave no spots or film on your car surface.

Does the touchless system always get my vehicle clean?
Not always, there are certain times of the year where it can be a challenge. When oil, hydrocarbons, "organic fallout", or tree sap sit on the vehicle's surface too long, they can eat away at the finish. To protect against such damage, wash your vehicle as soon as possible, and apply a wax/protectant often. Once "baked on", the only way to remove them is by friction. Since the industry no longer uses the heavy acid based chemicals, our longer soap time and high water pressure helps, but it is recommended that a few times a year, you hand wash the vehicle to breakdown the contaminants. Regular washing at our location will then keep your investment looking like new!

Will anything touch my vehicle in the automatic bay?
No, unlike some washes that pull your vehicle on a track (possibly damaging your tires and rims) or use what some call "soft cloth or brushes" (which could damage your paint as grit and abrasive particles become embedded in the cloth). Over time, this causes microscopic scratches that degrade your car's paint, harming its appearance and impacting resale value. Our carefully maintained equipment reduces the wear and tear on your car's finish that is common with friction washes. NOTHING touches your vehicle except our specially formulated cleaning solutions, protectants, soft water, and air.

What should I do if I have a problem while washing my vehicle?
Although we strive for a perfect experience each and every time, problems may rarely occur. If that happens, try to move to another bay if possible. Call us and leave a detailed message, if there was an issue with our equipment, we will promptly refund your purchase or give credit for future wash. Our goal is your complete, hassle free satisfaction.